How to Expand Images with AI?

Easy-peasy! Just follow the steps to expand your images in seconds!



Upload your image to the workplace, and set your desired aspect ratio.


AI Expand Automatically

VanceAI Image Extender will automatically expand the image.


Download the Result

Save and download the AI-extended image if you are satisfied with the result.

Expand Image to Desired Size for Website

VanceAI Image Extender seamlessly expands images to desired sizes, without compromising quality or visual style. Magically add more to your pictures and achieve the perfect dimensions.

Simply upload your image and let AI seamlessly enrich your visual to your desired size!


Extend Image to 9:16 for Special Social Sharing

Whether you're sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, or other platforms, our AI Image Extender ensures your images look stunning and professional. Instantly transform your photos into captivating 9:16 format without sacrificing image quality.

Elevate your social presence with VanceAI Image Extender now!


Resize AI-generated Images to Empower Marketing

Supercharge your marketing with AI-powered outpainting! Effortlessly resize your AI-generated images to the perfect dimensions, maximizing their impact across all platforms. Elevate your brand's visual identity with polished, perfectly scaled images.

Make your marketing materials super creative with VanceAI Image Extender!


Simplify Graphic Design Workflow for Multi Marketing Purposes

AI Image Extender streamlines graphic design workflows for diverse marketing needs. Through advanced AI algorithms, it seamlessly extends images, reducing manual effort and time. VanceAI Image Extender optimizes visuals effortlessly, enhancing efficiency and creativity.

Expand your visuals beyond the frame now!


Comments from VanceAI Image Extender Users

E-commerce sellers, social media celebrities, and social graphic designers are using the VanceAI Image Extender and giving favorable comments.

Streamlined Workflow

AI Image Extender is more time-saving than traditional methods and can easily optimize visuals, and enhance efficiency.

Cost Effective

AI Image Extender saves the hours of manual while saving your costs.

Seamlessly AI Outpainting

AI effortlessly expands images for any size, maintaining quality and style.

Data Safe Guarantee

Feel safe to use the VanceAI Image Extender. The processed images will be deleted in 24.

Try VanceAI Image Extender Now

Let AI-powered outpainting fill in the gaps and unlock the full potential of your visuals. Expand your visuals seamlessly with VanceAI Image Extender.

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