Shopify and Amazon, both prominent e-commerce platforms, have distinct preferences for product images. Shopify pictures tend to show beautiful, branded products. They use high-quality photos that all look similar and match the seller's brand. Amazon, on the other hand, uses plain white backgrounds in all their product images, so everything looks the same.

Selling on Shopify? Want great product pictures? Try BGremover or VanceAI Background Generator. These apps easily remove background from image or add new ones. This lets you make pictures that follow Shopify's guidelines and show off your brand in a way that makes people want to buy.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is your one-stop shop for building and running an online business. No matter if you're a pro or just starting out, Shopify's easy-to-use platform lets you build a great-looking online store. You can also manage your stock, take payments, and keep track of orders, all in one place. With customizable themes, scalable plans, and an app store brimming with features, Shopify adapts to your needs as you grow. It's like having a whole team of e-commerce experts in your corner, ready to help you turn your vision into reality. 

Why Does Shopify Product Image Matter?

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Pictures of your products on Shopify are super important for online sales. They're the first thing customers see, and they need to show what your product looks like and why it's great. Since people can't touch the real thing online, your product images need to look professional to build trust with customers.

Great product photos on Shopify sell better! They grab attention, keep people looking, and make them want to buy. Great photos make your products look better, which means people are more likely to buy them. This also builds trust in your brand, so customers keep coming back for more. With an image editing platform such as VanceAI, you can maintain your brand style consistently.

Sharp, detailed photos of your products make customers feel good about buying from you. This means fewer returns and happier shoppers! Great product photos are key to online sales! They build trust with customers, keep them coming back for more, and help your business win in the long run.

What Are the Shopify Product Image Size and Requirements?

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Shopify has guidelines for the size and quality of your product pictures so they look great on any phone, computer, or tablet. The best size for Shopify product images is 2048 x 2048 pixels, maintaining a 1:1 aspect ratio, allowing for zooming without loss of image quality. Regarding resolution, Shopify suggests a minimum of 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch) to balance image clarity and loading speed. These size requirements help your product pictures look good on any device. Phone, computer, or tablet, just like your online store itself.

In terms of visual standards, Shopify places emphasis on high-quality, professionally captured images. Clear, well-lit photographs with a white background are suitable, but many choose to go for the creative route as well. Using the same photo style, close-ups, and lighting for all your products makes your store look sharp and professional. It also helps people remember your brand.

Show your products from different angles and close-up so customers get a good look at everything. Follow Shopify's picture tips to make sure they load fast - this keeps people happy and can even help you rank higher in search results. Great product photos with all the details build trust with shoppers and make them more likely to buy.

Tips for Shopify Product Image

1. Multiple Shopify Product Images:

Don't let a single shot represent your product's full potential. Take multiple pictures of your product, showing it from all sides. This lets customers see all the cool features and details up close. Capture close-ups of textures, patterns, and unique features. Highlight how the product interacts with its environment using lifestyle images. Aim for at least 3-5 diverse Shopify product images per product to paint a complete picture and satisfy shopper curiosity. This increases engagement, builds trust, and ultimately leads to more informed purchase decisions.

2. High-Quality & Optimized Shopify Product Images :

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Grainy, pixelated images scream unprofessionalism. Invest in quality photography or learn DIY techniques to capture sharp, clear visuals for your Shopify product images. Ensure a minimum resolution of 800x800px for crisp viewing on different devices. Remember, file size matters for website loading speed. Optimize your Shopify product images using online tools or software without compromising quality. Aim for under 20MB per image for a seamless browsing experience.

3. Lighting & Background for Compelling Shopify Product Images :

Lighting sets the mood and highlights product features in your Shopify product images. Embrace natural light for a soft, natural look whenever possible. If you're using lights instead of natural light, make sure the shadows are soft and the light color stays the same in all your pictures. A clean, uncluttered background prevents visual clutter and keeps the focus on your product in Shopify product images. White is a popular choice for its neutrality but consider your brand aesthetic and target audience. Try colorful backgrounds or fun textures! They can make your pictures look more interesting, but just make sure they match your product, not overpower it.

4. Composition & Styling for Captivating Shopify Product Images :

Think beyond just centering the product in the frame of your Shopify product images. Apply the rule of thirds for a balanced and visually appealing composition. Lead the viewer's eye through the image, highlighting key features. When showing clothes in your Shopify pictures, use models in the right size and poses that look good. This will help people see how the clothes are designed and how they can be worn in different ways. Props can enhance context and demonstrate product usage. Choose them thoughtfully to avoid distracting from the main attraction in your Shopify product images.

5. Editing & Refinement for Polished Shopify Product Images :

You can edit your Shopify product images a little to make them look better, but don't change how the product actually looks. Use editing software to tweak brightness, contrast, and cropping for a polished look. Avoid heavy retouching that alters colors, textures, or shapes, as it can erode customer trust. Remember, authenticity is key for impactful Shopify product images.

6. Advanced Techniques for Standout Shopify Product Images:

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For trickier products or a bunch of products, you might want to hire a pro photographer. They'll make sure all your pictures look great and can use fancy lighting to make them look even better. If that's not in the budget, you can set up your own mini-studio with a plain background and some lights. Softboxes or reflectors are a good choice. There are also online tools like Placeit or Mockplus that let you put your product in pre-made scenes. This saves you time and money. Finally, some websites like BGremover can use AI to take out the background of your pictures for you. This gives you a head start on editing them yourself.

What Can AI Do for Shopify Product Image?

Solid Clean Product Background


BGremoverand VanceAI Background Generator makes editing Shopify product images fast and easy. These tools help you remove backgrounds from your pictures, giving them that clean, professional look that people expect on shopping websites like Shopify.

There are many benefits to using these apps. They get rid of anything distracting in your pictures, so people only see the product. These apps remove backgrounds automatically, which is super fast. This saves time and effort for businesses selling online who want to edit their pictures quickly.

Texture Shopify Product Image

The VanceAI Background Generator app is even more powerful. It lets you not only remove the background but also add new ones or try out different styles. This makes your product pictures look even better! Both these apps will help you follow Shopify's guidelines for product images. Make sure your pictures have clean backgrounds, consistent styles, and look professional.

Overall, BGremover and VanceAI Background Generator help Shopify sellers show off their products in the best way possible. This makes the shopping experience on your website more fun and interesting for your customers.

How to Create Shopify Product Image with AI?

How to Use BGremover:

Step 1: Begin by navigating to the BGremover website. Once you're on the webpage, locate and select the "Upload Image" button to initiate the process.

BGremover online

Step 2: Choose the image you wish to eliminate the background from and opt for the "Cutout Object" option. Proceed by clicking on "Start to Process" to commence the background removal.

Workspace BGremover

Step 3: After a brief processing time, the finalized image will appear on the Workspace. Utilize the download option to save the edited photo to your device.

Result Page BGremover

VanceAI Background Generator Guide:

Step 1: Click on AI Background Generator to access it online. Select the "Upload Image" option to proceed to the next step.

AI Background Generator Homepage

Step 2: Once within the Workspace, upload your image. The tool will automatically eliminate the background. Utilize the brush tool for further adjustments. Confirm your edits by clicking on the "Save Asset" option. Employ the prompt feature to specify the desired background or upload a black background image for the tool to use. Click on "Generate" to proceed.

AI Background Generator Features

Step 3: Observe the generated images displayed below. Preview them and save your preferred version using the provided download option.

Creative Background Product Photo


Managing Shopify product images can present challenges due to the diverse array of styles on the platform. To make your Shopify product images even better, you can use apps like BGremover and VanceAI Background Generator. These let you add fun stuff to your pictures.

You also need to make sure your pictures are the right size for Shopify. VanceAI Photo Editor or any image cropping tool can help you with this.

For a cost-effective solution, VanceAI offers a comprehensive suite of online tools, granting users full access for just $4.95 per month. This membership is a great way to improve your Shopify product pictures and edit them faster.


1. What is the best size for Shopify product images?

The recommended best size for Shopify product images is 2048 x 2048 pixels. Using square pictures makes your products look good on all sorts of devices, phones, tablets, computers, everything! They also look more interesting this way. Additionally, the high resolution accommodates zoom features, allowing customers to scrutinize product details.

Using the right picture size makes your Shopify store look professional and easy to use. This helps customers feel good about shopping on your site!

2. How do I change the background color of the product in Shopify?

To change the background color of images on Spotify, you'll need to use an image editing tool. Open the image in the editor, select the background area, and choose the desired color. Ensure the new background complements your Spotify theme.

Save the edited image, and when uploading to Spotify, make sure it meets its recommended image size and format for optimal display.

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